Saturday, August 11, 2018

Another Brick In The Wall

Is there a point, really, to hiding behind the mask of a name, or writing along so many different avenues. Horror was fun and I grew so much as a writer within this genre, but the directions of the true me seem to be moving in other directions. Having a pseudonym only leaves a few anchors along a road i'm no longer traveling. As I mentioned in my Keohane blog, I've metaphorically bricked my evil twin into the wall, basically saying goodbye to horror. For a time, or forever, I don't know. Not for lack of affection for the genre, but rather a desire to stay focused along whatever roads I find myself still traveling.

Horror was my first love when it came to writing, and I think I was good at it. But reading-wise, science fiction was my true first love. Bradbury-ian, to be sure, always a mix of types. Writing what you love, where your heart leads. Where it does, there should you go. Is there money in it? Maybe, maybe not, there's definitely none in horror so that argument is moot (the Shidelian principle-of a successful few such as King not withstanding).

Short version, I'm stepping away from horror, focusing on other genres - which ones to be determined soon enough, I think - and other venues of writing. Where I'm heading and where I've been don't feel as if they can truly co-exist at the moment, both in moral focus and how much time is involved. But focus is the primary reason. Regardless, no horror, no longer a need for G Daniel Gunn, except as an anchor for what work I've put out under this name.

Never let yourself be chained to anything you haven't got the key to unchain yourself from. Most of us go through life not restrained from anything but act like we are. It's time. And I'm excited to see what happens next. And I hope you hang around with me to see what's next. If so, I'll be over here.