Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Catching up on things

Well, I thought I'd have done more blog entries since the last one, but the holidays were a pretty busy time, to say the least. One oasis in all this was our trip to Florida the week of Christmas. Nothing pressing on the docket while we were there other than where to go the next day. A lot to be said for taking these formal vacations. 

So on the writing front, been busy. I recently got the rights back to my first novel (under Daniel G Keohane) Solomon's Grave, and will be releasing it officially as a second edition. I just finished going through the entire book and tightened it up a bit. First novels sometimes feel like, well, first novels, especially in light of later works.

Samhain Publishing recently discontinued their horror line, and have been formally reverting rights back to the authors. Lauran and I are currently deciding the future of our novella Nightmare in Greasepaint, whether to place it with another publisher or put it out ourselves to keep it in the market as a backlist.

Unfortunately, in the light the reversions, like the trade paperback for Borderlands 6 might likely also be going away soon as well. Will
have to keep an ear to the ground on that one. Buy it now while you can.
Meanwhile, forward motion is the name of the game. I've begun the fifth-draft edits for the new novel Lost in the Woods, this time editing on a physical printout of the manuscript. I have to say, this one has come out really good. I'm enjoying it. And I think you will too. When, is another question, as I'll first shop it around to publishers which can take months, at the very least. Such is the nature of professional writing. But the book, the writing, is my main focus. Keep on swimming, keep on swimming...