Thursday, July 2, 2015

Great Reviews For Nightmare

We've been getting some great reviews in for the Billy Story (as I've always referred to what eventually became Nightmare in Greasepaint):

"Manages to build some serious suspense and will easily freak out those who suffer from Coulrophobia. A satisfying, well done creep-fest."  - Nick Cato, Horror Fiction Review

"This is a very good novella with a couple twists that are sure to keep the reader guessing and cause nightmares in their own right. Soares and Gunn handle the story with a deft hand...." - Josef Hernandez,

"...whether the reader is afraid of clowns or not, Nightmare in Greasepaint is a creepy and enjoyable read." - Tim Potter, Hellnotes

"Soares and Gunn are a cohesive, well-oiled machine... the two manage to pull of an exciting, comprehensive adventure into fear that will resonate with many long after the final pages." - Dave Gammon,

"This, folks, is serious horror: the ugly underside of life where true evil hangs out. fascinating, unputdownable story." - Mallory Heart Reviews

We also got a very cool video review for the book here!

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